Features Engineered for Construction

Specialised features purpose-built to streamline workflows
across the entire construction lifecycle.

What Sets CUBE Apart


With CUBE, you can create customized workflows for getting approvals on files, documents, estimates, schedules, forms, and file reviews. The good part about workflows is it comes with no restriction on number of levels and lets you replicate your actual style of working to help you digitize your entire approval workflow mechanism.

Document Repository

Create an end-to-end document repository to store all the files and documents related to your project. Your projects’ data can be managed with well-defined nomenclature and by allocating dedicated space for storage.

Contract Management

While managing multiple stakeholders, you can now create unique contracts for your vendors and subcontractors allowing you to track their budgeted scope, change orders, achieved progress, balance scope, bills, etc.

Change Orders

With Change Orders you can track the changes occurring in between the Design or Execution stage and can keep a trail of all the changes using forms for capturing these change orders.

Empowered by BIM & CAD

CUBE offers 2D and 3D Estimation with which you can now create accurate estimates by creating a linkage between CAD or BIM files and items from your Estimates.

Secure File Sharing

Within CUBE, you can now share your files safely and give required access to relevant stakeholders. With CUBE’s Roles & Permissions, you can set different roles that have different permissions levels, and can restrict certain users from accessing these files for better file management with minimum uploads.

Stakeholder Collaboration

CUBE truly allows you to invite people from different organizations to come together and work with you. You can now let external stakeholders participate and contribute while your work progresses, fostering collaboration and enhancing teamwork to stay aligned throughout the project.

Correspondence Tracking

CUBE has intelligent forms for tracking details of your construction sites. This allows you to track your Daily progress, manage Health & Safety activities, maintain quality checks, resource allocation, etc. With the mobile application in place, you can also provide site details and approve the forms from the construction sites  sites.


With your Subcontractors being added to CUBE, you can define their scope of work and assign the work as per the terms of the contract agreement.


You can now create and manage multiple budgets and their subsequent versions in the same project to help you manage your operations and project activities accordingly.

Progress-tracking Dashboards

With CUBE’s Advanced Project Management modules, you can now create insightful dynamic dashboards that help you visualize your project data as per your usecases and preferences.

Assess Model Quality

You can now create federated model and perform clash tests in CUBE without any additional plugins or software. With CUBE, you can merge and Integrate models from different disciplines in their original native file formars and

Task Management

CUBE also helps you streamlines tasks by allowing you to assign, track, and prioritize tasks effortlessly. With real-time updates and clear visibility into each team member’s responsibilities, you can ensure that every task is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Accurate Quantity Takeoff

You can now extract quantities from 2D CAD and 3D BIM files, allowing you to obtain quantities accurately without any manual calculations. You can also include deductions and arrive at the exact quantities when adding these to the items from estimates.

Get more than just software. CUBE is your partner for Digital Transformation.

Our experts ensure smooth onboarding and adoption. We also offer bespoke training and implementation programs.
CUBE is built as a modular platform which can be customized to meet the unique needs of any project or organization
Our secure cloud infrastructure scales as your projects do. Or, we can deploy CUBE on your servers.

Success Stories from the
CUBE Community

Custom Solution for Secure Public Sector Workflows

7500+ Projects | 2600+ Users | 285+ Training Sessions

A major government agency needed to digitize their construction review and collaboration processes while storing data securely on in-country servers. With CUBE, we delivered a tailored solution with robust CAD/BIM viewers, document management, issue tracking, configurable workflows, and DQ-DQ integration. The customized platform met their unique public sector requirements where other tools fell short

Custom Solution for Secure Public Sector Workflows

Boosting Efficiency Across Metro Rail Projects

250+ Users | $2.5B Project Value

A state metro rail corporation needed to manage design, supply, and maintenance activities across two major metro projects. CUBE provided a customized solution for contract management, planning, CAD/BIM viewing, issue tracking, document controls, reporting, and more.

Boosting Efficiency Across Metro Rail Projects

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