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View 2D CAD and 3D BIM data, without the need of installing authoring software, directly from your browser

A modern and responsive Viewer, which is a critical component of most engineering workflows.

  • Advocates use of Open standards like IFC, while at the same time also supporting vendor specific formats like RVT, NWD, SKP, DWG, OBJ, FBX and many more.
  • CAD & BIM Enabled – The entire system is compatible with all leading BIM and CAD format for viewing without the need of any additional software licenses or heavy and expensive hardware
  • Navigate models without installing authoring software, from your web browser
  • Collaborate in 3D and 2D with all project stakeholders in real time

3D Viewer - Capabilities

  • View any model from top or side views or walk through it, in an interactive manner
  • Cut Sections and section boxes
  • Take measurements
  • View model parameters and interact with model data directly
  • Append different models from different stakeholders to create one federated model

2D Viewer - Capabilities

  • View CAD files in model space and paper space
  • Take linear measurements
  • Take drop measurements and automated area measurements
  • Point-to-point snapping
  • Mark issues and collaborate with stakeholders

Ready to embrace the next generation of digital transformation?

Completely change the way you manage buildings and infrastructure.
Build efficiently using a central unified built environment and leverage the power of connected workflows to go towards a digital twin of the built environment.
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